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RAM is a filmcollective of young professional filmmakers and actors that uses improvisation as a fundament for making films. Instead of writing filmscripts, the plot develops by improvisation during the making of the film. On forehand we make a solid framework of rules, styles, themes and characters so we have enough limits to have the freedom for a story which will organically unfold itself. The film is made by as less people as possible whereas every crew- and castmember is responsible for every aspect of the film, like set-dressing, costume(design) and production.


RAM, The Collective:

RAM is a growing professional filmcollective of young individuals with different backgrounds.

Mari Sanders

Mari graduated at the AKV St. Joost in Breda and specialized in Audiovisual Design. He graduated as director of his graduation film called ‘Rue Des Invalides’. A fiction film with autobiographical elements about a young man in a wheelchair looking for love in Paris, the most wheelchair unfriendly city of Europe.
A year after graduation he made a short movie for NTR Kort! called ‘Sync’, written by Lianne Damen, followed by a short kids-film ‘Daan Durft’ for the Europe Youth Drama Exchange by IJswater Films. Mari focusses on concept-development and directing of fiction films, documentaries and corporate films. His films are mostly character driven, balancing on a line of drama and humor, play in an absurd arena and often has a societal importance.

Lukas Heibges

In 2012, after finishing his studies in Visual Communication, specialization Photography at AKV St. Joost in Breda, Lukas went back to his country of birth to expand his ambitions in an international context. He now lives and works in Berlin as a freelance photographer for several organizations and magazines, mostly in documentary photography. Lukas’ work field is very diverse; Next to working as a documentary photographer, he also works for several film projects as concept developer and director of photography. 

Nina Goedegebure

Nina graduated in 2013 at the ArtEZ School of Acting in Arnhem and worked for 4 years at Theatregroup Moeremans&Sons. With Moeremans&Sons she co-directed and played in ‘My First Suicide’, ‘Kill Your Character’, ‘Shoot The Messenger’, ‘My Own Private Disaster’, and ‘Tempopia’. Furthermore, she played at Hummelinck Stuurman Theaterbureau in the Couperus-adaptations ‘Small Souls’ and ‘Eline Vere’, directed by Ger Thijs.  

Tim van den Heuvel

Tim graduated in 2015 from the Amsterdam University of the Arts, specialized as Theatre director and Theatre educator. Tims focus of his personal work lies at the culture of youngsters, and social theme’s such as manhood and brotherhood. Furthermore, he is one of the directors of theater group ‘Lost Project’.

Milan Boele van Hensbroek

Milan graduated in 2012 at the HKU University of Arts Utrecht as an actor. After he graduated, he made a theatreplay called ‘We Are Big Boys’ for Over ’t IJ Festival in Amsterdam. Afterwards, he worked as a freelancer at several theatregroups like ‘BonteHond’, ‘Het Eerste Kwarter’ and ‘Theatergroup Kassys’. Next to acting in the theatre, Milan works for several television series en short films, such as ‘Suspicious Minds’ (VPRO) and ‘Motief voor Moord’ (NPO3).

Ilse van Loon


Ilse studeerde in 2012 af als documentairemaakster aan het AKV.St.Joost in Breda met de film De Deur Uit, een maatschappelijk georiënteerde film over zelfontplooiing bij allochtonen vrouwen. Na haar studie werkt ze als freelancer in de film- en fotografiewereld. Ze werkt met veel gedrevenheid en enthousiasme aan diverse filmprojecten voor musea, scholen en bedrijven. Daarnaast reisde ze o.a. naar Zuid-Afrika als fotografe voor een fotoproject over mensenrechten. Ilse wil met haar werk de toeschouwer verrassen. De kijker kennis laten maken met het onbekende en verder laten kijken dan het alledaagse.








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