RAM Method

We constructed a method in which we focus to let a story unfold organically. The actors are responsible for the story, the director conducts the process and the camera- and sound crew intuitively make record of the situation.
We make this method as effective as possible by creating rules for ourselves. We think of a common theme as a fundamental starting point for our film and subsequently the characters are developed.


The rules depend on the project but could look like this:

All scenes are improvised. Every character has a goal, and the actors have the space and the time to reach that goal.

The actors create their own character, guided by the director. They only know the information of their own character, and when necessary, shared information (shared by two or more characters) called ‘collective memories’. The actors don’t know the ‘personal information’ of the other characters. The director is the only one who has all information.

Scenes are never rehearsed or reproduced.

Actors lead, camera follows. Actors never follow the camera

The length of the film depends on what is necessary for the film, and is not prearranged or influenced by festival-slots.